• Editor’s note: Pasadena’s updated health order is linked at the bottom of this article.

      A well lit inside of a church

      All Saints Church (Photo – jameswalkermusic.com).

      Los Angeles County is moving toward new standards for a swift and safe reopening in alignment with the State of California guidelines.

      By News Desk

      Examples of activities now permitted under the changes enacted today:

      • Faith-based
        Faith-based organizations may resume services, with the number of congregants limited to less than 25% of the building’s capacity, or a maximum of 100 people, whichever is lower.
      • All retail indoor and outdoor
        All retail, including those located in indoor and outdoor retail shopping centers may now open for business at 50% capacity.
      • Flea markets, swap meets, drive-in movie theaters
        Flea markets, swap meets and drive-in movie theaters may resume operations.
      • Pools, hot tubs and saunas in multi-units
        Pools, hot tubs and saunas that are in a multi-unit residence or part of a homeowners association may now open.
      • Public protests. In-person protests
        The Health Officer Order also provides guidelines for public protests. In-person protests are permitted as long as attendance is limited to 25% of the area’s maximum occupancy, or a maximum of 100 attendees, whichever is lower.


      The order emphasizes that physical distancing requirements, cloth face coverings and other safety protocols must be observed as the recovery progresses.

      Kathryn Barger, Chair of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, said:

      Aligning Los Angeles County’s health orders with that of the State’s is going to provide immediate relief to our communities. This important step will enable our residents and businesses to have greater clarity and consistency as we continue to take positive steps towards reopening Los Angeles County.

      The updated order allows people to take part in all permitted activities while continuing to practice physical distancing and wearing a cloth face covering when in contact with others. Although these updates are being enacted today, Los Angeles County residents are still encouraged to remain in their residences as much as practical and limit close contact with others outside their household both indoor and outdoor.

      Gatherings of people not from the same household are still prohibited, except for faith-based services and in-person protests.

      65 years old or older

      Additionally, people 65 years old or older and all people of any age with underlying health conditions should remain in their residences as much as possible. People in these categories should only leave their residences to seek medical care, exercise or obtain food or other necessities. Telework should continue as much as possible.

      In aligning its Health Officer orders with the state’s California Pandemic Resilience Roadmap, the County emphasized its commitment to keeping residents “safer at work and safer in our communities.”

      The change also sets the stage for the County to request a variance from the state to permit swifter reopening of some sectors.

      The City of Pasadena

      The City of Pasadena has updated its Health Officer Order. Full details can be viewed in this PDF (click to download).


      [This article has been updated to include a link to Pasadena’s updated health order. May 27, 8:30 am]

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      1. CBradley says:

        And the fact that All Saints Pasadena supplied the photo of a completely different building is quite amusing.

        • Staff says:

          Actually it’s our Graphic’s Department mistake. We updated the main image. Thank you CBradley for your bringing it to out attention.

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