Free Laundry for Homeless by the Laundry Truck LA

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With COVID-19, it is more critical than ever that people experiencing homelessness have access to essential personal care and hygiene services.

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The Laundry Truck LA (TLTLA) was launched in 2019 to provide free mobile laundry services to people experiencing homelessness in LA — one of the single defining issues of our city. TLTLA became one of the first mobile laundry services in the country to serve people experiencing homelessness.

TLTLA serves people experiencing homelessness through a cheerful, baby blue trailer furnished with five sets of washers and dryers, a folding station, and a water heater. Through the help of donations and community support, TLTLA is now expanding operations to assist the additional six thousand beds the City of Los Angeles has committed to people experiencing homelessness.

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TLTLA is also expanding its reach to provide free laundry services at many motels and hotels in support of California’s Project Roomkey, a first-in-the-nation initiative to secure hotel and motel rooms to protect individuals experiencing homelessness from COVID-19.

Jodie Dolan, founder and owner of The Laundry Truck LA, is also is founder and chief creative officer of Dolan, Los Angeles, whose designs have graced the racks of retail stores worldwide including Anthropologie, Barney’s, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Dolan said:

We believe that essential personal care services, like clean laundry, can truly impact lives — especially at a time like this.

TLTLA expects to complete 15,600 loads of laundry in 2020.

This Week's Schedule: (May 19 – May 23)
Mondays: Royal Pagoda Motel, Los Angeles.
Tuesday and Wednesday: Bassett Park (8am-4pm), La Puente.
Thursday: Downey/Albion Park (8am-1pm), Los Angeles.
Friday: Echo Park Community Center (8am-4pm), Los Angeles
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