Equinox Sound Bath in Pasadena

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Spring Equinox Sound Bath

Spring Equinox Sound Bath

Experience deep relaxation from the soothing celestial sounds of crystal bowls by Mary Frances Spencer and the soft vibrational harmonic waves of instrumental gongs performed by Gongphoria, September 22nd at Throop Church in Pasadena.

This live performance music concert is a tremendously beneficial complementary experience of healing and wellness. Each person has a different experience but most people report an extended reduction of daily life’s stress and anxiety.

Science confirms the positive physiological and biological results from therapeutic sound practice. The National Institute of Health recommends meditation, and it also confirms that there is an increase in the use of meditation techniques (such as a sound meditation). The harmonics and vibrational tones from live music allow the brain to give way to gentle mindfulness and let go of normal distracting preoccupations, random thoughts and other mind chatter.

The Spring Equinox happens to fall on the night of the actual event and so brings seasonal as well as astrological significance to this event. Celestial milestones have traditionally marked the shifting of energetic direction in body, mind and spirit.


Mary Frances Spencer plays the quartz crystal singing bowls.  The harmonious tones of the bowls balance the physical, emotional and energetic and put the mind into a deep meditative and centered state. This allows for healing and aligning with positive intentions for resonance, well-being and peace.

Gongphoria is the name of the band of musicians who perform gong concerts individually, as a group, or in combination with other musicians. Each member of the group is an experienced gong artist bringing out the soothing voice of each of the instrument, inviting calming mental and physical relaxation states. The power of live gong music is in the sound wave vibrations which gently massage the whole body at the cellular level. Another special benefit of this music is the deep and resonate tones of rhythmic percussive beats, which slow down brain waves to create space for mental focus, vivid clarity or personal insight and reflection.

The venue

Throop Church’s community room (located at 300 S. Los Robles Ave. Pasadena) has a very strong resemblance to a rustic craftsman lodge ballroom. Perhaps you will be able to take a quick peek at the storied and awe-evoking stained glass windows of the main chapel.

Doors open to attendees at 7:30 pm and the program is from 8:00 pm until 9:00 pm. To ensure the enjoyment for all, there will be no admittance once the performance starts. Arriving by 7:30 will allow time to get settled and will provide a more relaxing experience.

For the best and most comfortable listening experience, it is recommended that attendees bring bottled water, a blanket, a yoga mat for floor cushioning and, if extra comfort is needed, a pillow or two, as well as an eye mask.

Advanced tickets are $20. Tickets purchased at the door are $25.

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Throop UU Church
Advanced: $20 (until the night before the event). 
At the door: $25
Limited on-site parking.
Unrestricted street parking on Del Mar & surrounding streets. 
Public transportation
Metro bus stop, corner of Los Robles and Del Mar
Del Mar Gold Line Station (10 min. walk).


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