• rendering of one lane

      A screengrab from a video of Colorado Boulevard with dedicated bus lanes and one lane of vehicle traffic in each direction (Photo – Metro)

      L.A. Metro is considering a separate lane along Colorado Boulevard for the Bus Rapid Transit line running 18 miles from North Hollywood to Pasadena.

      By Brandon Tran

      This dedicated bus lane is expected to slow down automobile traffic by 20% and eliminate one third of the street parking in Eagle Rock, raising concerns among business owners on Colorado Boulevard. An alternative plan was introduced to have two traffic lanes in different directions, which would not impact traffic but would remove two-thirds of parking spaces and make the medians of parking spaces slimmer. The Metro Board of Directors plans to make the final decision early next year after the release of the Final Environmental Impact Report for the project.

      The Eagle Rock Chamber of Commerce submitted a petition with 1600 signatories and 45 restaurants and stores to City Councilmember Kevin de León requesting a meeting for business owners to discuss the initiative, but de León has not responded to it. Supporters of the single-lane version of the street have reportedly sent death threats and committed vandalism on the businesses of opponents of the plan. Other concerns from residents who disapprove of the project include:

      • issues a single lane may cause for business deliveries,
      • a lack of research on the effects it will have on traffic,
      • dangerous bus drop offs,
      • incentivization of jaywalking,
      • traffic gridlock,
      • danger regarding moving the bike lane next to the sidewalk and outdoor restaurant tables,
      • the impact of construction on businesses,
      • the removal of dining patios, and
      • the increased travel time caused by the removal of left turns and medians on the street.

      Critics have also condemned the lack of community input in the decision, including a lack of communication and consideration for public opinion from de León.


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      1. Jeannette Moore says:

        What a mess! Metro and Kevin de Leon have bungled this design and and communication with the community… badly! Also looks like yet another Garcetti failure. His lack of leadership is deafening. So is Kevin de Leon’s’! Did Hilda Solis approve this one-lane design? Really? Without looking at the details and repercussions?. Pasadena had leadership and put a stop to BRT only lanes down Colorado Blvd and redesigning Old Town Pasadena, but Eagle Rock is abandoned…. no representation from City of LA City Council Rep Kevin de Leon. Metro is out of control.

      2. chris pace says:

        This Metro plan seems very short sighted. I bet if the 1 lane plan goes in, it will be a costly mistake that will have to get reversed in the future. After restaurants go out of business,, the reversal because of gridlock and Metro buses trapped in 1 lane gridlock will be very embarrassing for Metro, Kevin de Leon and Hilda Solis. But the joke will be on taxpayers!

      3. Cherryl Weaver says:

        Death threats have been made and I for one have been on the receiving end of those threats. At the last presentation at City Hall Metro provided more details. The reporter is accurate, Metro intends to remove 1/3 of parking along Colorado in ER with its 1 lane version and 2/3 parking with its 2 lane version. This is why we must demand the BRT rub mixed flow from Eagle Rock Blvd to the 134 freeway on ramp.

      4. Sean Meredith says:

        Looking forward to riding these express buses!

      5. ROBERT INMAN says:

        Death threats?; …eliminate one third of the street parking in Eagle Rock? This is hack dog whistle screed completely devoid of journalism and totally contrary to the goals that ColoradoBoulevard.net states at the end of this rubbish. I’ve lived 33 years (well less than half my life BTW) up the street from Colorado Boulevard in ER and this piece does not come close to accuratly reporting the issues.

      6. Darren Hall says:

        What a ridiculous piece devoid of context and attempting without evidence to smear the very robust contingent of concerned residents who are eager to see a safer, greener, more equitable Colorado Blvd.

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