Developers to Present Proposals for Pasadena Civic Center

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an aerial view of building with red roofs

Pasadena City Hall (Photo – Pasadena Police Department).

The City of Pasadena will host a virtual meeting on September 22 at 3:00 pm for developers to present proposals for development in the Civic Center, including affordable housing and the historic rehabilitation of the former YWCA building.

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At the September 22 virtual meeting, each developer will have about 15 minutes to present each a proposal, and the public will have an opportunity to submit questions for the developers to answer.


In June, 2019, Pasadena issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of the former YWCA building (78 North Marengo Avenue). As the City was proceeding with the RFP, in January 2020, a state law related to affordable housing changed, and compelled Pasadena to pause the RFP process. Despite Pasadena’s pursuit of affordable housing as part of the Civic Center development, the new State law required the City to issue a Notice of Availability (NOA) to a broader set of affordable housing developers.

As a result of the City’s 2019 RFP process and the 2020 supplemental NOA process to comply with updated State regulations, Pasadena currently has three affordable housing proposals for the Ramona Street lot, and two development proposals for the renovation of the YWCA building block.

Ramona Street Lot

  1. Abode Communities, proposing 103 dwelling units for families in a 5-level building which may include subterranean parking;
  2. National Community Renaissance of California, proposing either a 94-unit family project or a 112-unit senior housing project in a 5-level building, with 94 on-site parking spaces for the family project and 50 on-site parking spaces for the senior project; and
  3. BRIDGE Housing proposing to construct a 72-unit affordable housing project for seniors with approximately 39 spaces on site in a 4-level building on the Ramona Street lot.

YWCA building

  1. HRI Properties, LLC of New Orleans, LA, whose plans are to restore the former YWCA building into a 179-room historic hotel; and
  2. Edgewood Realty Partners, LLC of South Pasadena, CA, whose plans are to restore the YWCA building into a 164-room hotel (operated by Palisociety).
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US: +1 669 900 6833 or +1 346 248 7799   
Webinar ID: 814 0819 6059
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Source: City of Pasadena. Edited by Ann Hunnewell.

News Desk

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