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      Pasadena City Council Candidates (Photo – Graphics Dept.)

      On June 7, Pasadena will hold its primary election for City Council seats in Districts 3, 5, and 7.

      By Sophia Pu

      Each candidate’s campaign finance disclosures can be found on the Pasadena City Clerk’s website. Due to state legislation (AB 571) that went into effect in 2021, Pasadena candidates for mayor and city council now may accept only up to $4,900 from a single source per election cycle for the seat for which they are vying. This was a point of contention on the City Council in 2021.

      District 3

      District 3 is located in central Pasadena. It is currently represented by John Kennedy, who is running for reelection against Brandon Lamar. The Fair Political Practices Commission’s Transparency Portal shows that Councilman Kennedy received a warning letter from the Commission in May 2022 for campaign contribution limits violations.

      Brandon Lamar (challenger)

      Lamar has raised $6,209, with almost 90 percent of donations coming from individuals who donated under $500. Donations valuing $500 and more are:

      • Planned Parenthood Advocates Pasadena and SGV (nonprofit organization providing reproductive healthcare services), Pasadena, CA; $1000
      • Jacqueline Horton (not employed), Pasadena, CA; $600
      Only contributions of $1000 and above are listed for John Kennedy.

      John J. Kennedy (incumbent)

      As of April 28, Kennedy has raised $317,457 for his campaign. He is funded by many real estate investors and developers, as well as business executives. Donations of $1,000 and above constitute 88% of all contributions received by Kennedy. They include:

      • Panoptic Development LLC (real estate developer) and Jason Wang (Owner of Panoptic Development LLC), Pasadena, CA; $14,900 ($10,000 of this total was received in 2020)
      • Dave Tsay (CEO of Solar Warehouse Inc.), Pasadena, CA; $10,000 (received in 2020)
      • John and Virginia Cushman (retired), Pasadena, CA; $10,300
      • Michael and Nancy Harahan (retired), Flintridge, CA; $9,800
      • Ally Commercial Real Estate Inc. and Eric Mandell (president of Ally Commercial Real Estate Inc.), Los Angeles, CA ; $5,000
      • Diane Stevens (retired), Pasadena, CA; $4,900
      • Robert Monzon (manager for the City of Pasadena), Pasadena, CA; $4,900
      • ARC Investment Group, LLC (real estate investors), Irvine, CA; $4,900
      • Ming Kuan (sales for VuPoint Solutions), Yorba Linda, CA; $4,900
      • Sam Lin (director, self-employed), Buena Park, CA; $4,900
      • Kaira Stewart (sales, self-employed), Costa Mesa, CA; $4,900
      • LALOC Building and Construction Trades Council PAC (group of unions), Los Angeles, CA; $4,900
      • 3601 Magnolia Properties LLC (owned by Arash Danialifar, president of Gd Realty Group Inc.), Inglewood, CA; $4,900
      • 614 E. Col Properties LLC (owned by Arash Danialifar, president of Gd Realty Group Inc.), Inglewood, CA; $4,900 – Returned $4,900 on 4/26/22
      • MFAA 320 S. Lake LLC (owned by Arash Danialifar, president of Gd Realty Group Inc.), Inglewood, CA; $4,900 – Returned $4,900 on 4/26/22
      • IBEW (union of electrical workers), Pasadena, CA; $4,900
      • Teena Hostovich (insurance broker at Lockton), La Canada, CA; $4,900
      • Julia Gouw (retired), Pasadena, CA; $4,900
      • Janet Braun (attorney at HBT Labs, Inc.), South Pasadena, CA; $4,000
      • Conrad Douglas and Susan Kranwinkle (retired), Pasadena, CA; $7,000
      • Integrated Community Options, Inc. (program for adults with developmental disabilities), Pasadena, CA; $3,500
      • Michael and Shahram Delijani (real estate investors at Delson Investment Company), Beverly Hills, CA; $6,000
      • California Retail Centers, LLC (owned by Michael, Shahram, and Ezatollah Delijani), Los Angeles, CA; $2,000
      • LaDerian King (CEO of All Young Empire), Atlanta, GA; $2,500
      • UFCW (union of food and commercial workers), Washington, DC; $2,500
      • Georges Attar (CEO of Prime Electric), Pasadena, CA; $2,500
      • Christian Hart (real estate developer at Community Builders Group), Pasadena, CA; $2,500
      • John Burch (CEO/Vice President of Burch Construction), Pasadena, CA; $2,500
      • Ally Commercial Real Estate Inc. (real estate agents), Los Angeles, CA; $2,500
      • The Pearl Princess & Son Family Trust, Los Angeles, CA; $2,500
      • Joseph Seager (real estate investor, self-employed), Altadena, CA; $2,400
      • Kathryn Cheng (retired), Rolling Hills Estates, CA; $2,400
      • Giant Steps Training Programs, Inc. (nonprofit providing services for adults with developmental disabilities), Los Angeles, CA; $2,000
      • Ai Lien Wu (owner of Horizon Pacific Diamond Bar, LLC), Walnut, CA; $2,000
      • African American Registration Education (Committee registering black voters), Los Angeles, CA; $2,000
      • Doris Robinson (executive director of CSULB-BUSD Math Collaborative), Tustin, CA; $2,000
      • Jana Brekke (operations at Eye Care), Aliso Viejo, CA; $2,000
      • Josh Brekke (product specialist at Josh Brekke), Aliso Viejo, CA; $2,000
      • ACT – Political (ID# 745724), Pasadena, CA; $2,000
      • Pro Automotive Repair Center Inc, Glendale, CA; $2,000
      • Enrique Gonzalez (president of Vallarta Supermarkets), Sylmar, CA; $2,000
      • Danny Bakewell Jr. (real estate developer at The Bakewell Company), Pasadena, CA; $2,000
      • Pamela Bakewell (COO of The Bakewell Company), Playa Del Rey, CA; $1,000
      • Danny Bakewell Sr., (publisher of Los Angeles Sentinel) Bradbury, CA; $2,000
      • The John R. Saunders Trust (president of Saunders Property), Newport Beach, CA; $2,000
      • Hardy Bros Equipment Co. and Jamie Pattel (owner of Hardy Bros.), Altadena, CA; $3,000
      • Stephanie Patteis (insurance broker at RFP Insurance), Culver City, CA; $2,000
      • 521 East Live Oak LLC, Pasadena, CA; $1700
      • 1063 Justin Avenue LLC, Pasadena, CA; $1,600
      • 411 North Euclid Avenue LLC, Los Angeles, CA; $1,600
      • Pasa Alta Manor, Pasadena, CA; $1,500
      • Jay Berger, Pasadena, CA; $1,500
      • Monique Antionette Stennis (Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Univ. of Redland), Chino, CA; $1,500
      • Hovanes Sarkissian (retired), Pasadena, CA; $1,500
      • Mike Gatto (Campaign for Lt Governor), Encino, CA; $1,500
      • Ronald Carter (owner of The Carter Agency), Pasadena, CA; $1,500
      • Raymond Grove Associates Inc. (domestic stock company), La Crescenta, CA; $1,500
      • Singh Parshotam Kamboj (owner of Milt’s Store), Pasadena, CA; $1,500
      • Pearl Princess, Los Angeles, CA; $1,250
      • Albert Taban (real estate – owner of Jade Enterprises), Los Angeles, CA; $1,250
      • David Taban (real estate – president of One Cap Enterprises), Los Angeles, CA; $1,250
      • Flora Taban, Los Angeles, CA; $1,250
      • Geraldine Edson (real estate with Larry Edson), Pasadena, CA $1,100
      • Carla Farmer, Pasadena, CA, $1,030
      • Missak Balian (president of MSB Constructors Inc.), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Michael J. Todd (private law office), Dallas, TX; $1,000
      • GTM Group Holdings LLC, Miami, FL; $1,000
      • Terry Tornek (retired, former mayor of Pasadena), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • E-Central Credit Union (bank), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Lorraine Valenzuela (inspection at JPL), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • James Halferty (real estate developer for Halferty Development Company), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Maureen Tyson (retired), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Michael Kennedy (director of product management machine learning at Go Daddy, Inc.), Corona Del Mar, CA; $1,000
      • Raymond Grove Associates Inc, La Crescenta, CA; $1,000
      • CABE LLC, San Marino, CA; $1,000
      • EGBG INC (Eden Garden Bar & Grill restaurant) Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • James Ellis (consultant, self-employed), San Marino, CA; $1,000
      • Sheila Grether TTEE (retired), Sierra Madre, CA; $1,000
      • Brian Dease (supervisor of the City of Pasadena), Ladera Ranch, CA; $1,000
      • Greta Johnson (retired), Altadena, CA; $1,000
      • Aaron Hawkey (owner of Baller TV), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Michael Mische (professor at USC), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Odessa Walker (retired), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Eddie Newman (retired), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Donald Matthews (retired), Altadena, CA; $1,000
      • Al Osborne (professor at UCLA), Sherman Oaks, CA; $1,000
      • Rick Kittles (director of City of Hope), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Barry Caldwell (retired), Washington, DC; $1,000
      • Water Boy Services LLC, Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • William Galloway (retired), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Alexander Javaheri (president of Beverly Properties, Inc.), Los Angeles, CA; $1,000
      • Vahe Harouton Baliozian (retired), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Charles E Dickerson (executive director of Inner City Youth Orchestra of LA), Lomita, CA; $1,000
      • Jonathan Weiss (not employed), Calabasas, CA; $1,000
      • Dr. Edna Miller (CEO of Healthcare Integrated Services), Chula Vista, CA; $1,000
      • Andy Wilson (nonprofit executive at Alliance for SoCal Innovation), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Rene Gonzalez (electrical contractor, self-employed), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Alyssa Vandyk (physician, self-employed), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Debra Ward (CEO of YWCA), Altadena, CA; $1,000
      • European Auto Hause, Inc. (car repair shop), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Richard Polanco (consultant at Tres Es Inc), Los Angeles, CA; $1,000
      • Dickran Terizian (retired), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Choice Granite & Kitchen Cabinets Inc. (business), Rosemead, CA; $1,000
      • David Reyes (project manager at ADCO Roofing), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Cedric Carlin (construction at Bakewell), Ontario, CA; $1,000
      • Christopher Walker (CEO of BBC Electric Inc.), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Mattie McFadden-Lawson (strategic planning consultant for The MML Group, self-employed), Los Angeles, CA; $1,000
      • Ernest Camacho (CEO of PSI), Sierra Madre, CA; $1,000
      • Jihee Huh (vice chairman of Pafco), Rolling Hills, CA; $1,000
      • Jonathan Kennedy (public service for the City of Seattle), Auburn, WA; $1,000
      • Peter Mitchell (owner/consultant for PM Rest/Cons Inc.), Corona Del Mar, CA; $1,000
      • BizFED PAC (political action committee for businesses), Sacramento, CA; $2,000
      • David Song (media relations advisor at Southern California Edison), Whittier, CA; $1,000
      • Paula Boyd (homemaker), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Stephanie Smith (political finance for Daily Consulting), Rancho Santa Fe, CA; $1,000
      • Alex Villicana (retired), Pasadena, CA; $1,000

      District 5

      Jess Rivas (incumbent)

      District 5 is also in central Pasadena, where incumbent Jessica Rivas is running unopposed. Former candidate Rohan Misra did not qualify. Nearly 86 percent of Rivas’ contributions came from individuals who donated under $500. Contributions of $500 and more are:

      • Rivas loaned herself $30,000 worth of personal funds
      • Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters (union of carpenters), Los Angeles, CA; $3,000
      • Luz Rivas for Assembly 2022 (campaign for the 39th State Assembly seat), Alta Loma, CA; $2,500
      • Yuny Parada (retired), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Lupe Caldeira (retired), Santa Clarita, CA; $910
      • Edward Washatka (retired), Pasadena, CA; $803
      • Camille Ricketts (vice president of marketing at Notion), San Francisco, CA; $500
      • Tina Fredericks (software engineer at Green Dot), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Pat Amsbry (media buyer at Associated Advertising Services), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • William Lynes (product manager for ShopKeep), San Francisco, CA; $500

      District 7

      Located in southern Pasadena, District 7 includes the Playhouse Village, Caltech, and Pasadena City College. Incumbent Andy Wilson is not seeking reelection, leaving the seat open for candidates Ciran Hadjian, Jason Lyon, and Allen Shay.

      Ciran Hadjian

      To date, Hadjian has raised $64,828 of campaign contributions. Of Hadjian’s donations, 65 percent were under $500. Funds Hadjian received of $500 and more are:

      • Kevin Acebo (consultant, self-employed), Long Beach, CA; $3,000
      • Adrin Nazarian (state legislator), Los Angeles, CA; $2,500
      • Margaret Mgrublian (retired), Pasadena, CA; $2,000
      • Amy Herold (physician at Providence), Rancho Palos Verdes, CA; $2,000
      • James Santa Maria (consultant at Santa Maria Group Inc), Los Angeles, CA; $2,000
      • Jan Cemcem (sales at Forest Lawn), Porter Ranch, CA; $1,900
      • John Bibby (human resources at Providence), Santa Clarita, CA; $1,600
      • Matthew Geragos (attorney, self-employed at Geragos & Geragos), Pasadena, CA; $1,500
      • Haig Manjikian (doctor, self-employed), Henderson, NV; $1,500
      • Nairi Gardiner (retired), Pasadena, CA; $1,500
      • Talin Mansourian (realtor, self-employed), Northridge, CA; $1,500
      • Al Cabraloff (investments for Spectrum Properties), Pasadena, CA; $1,250
      • Tom Malkasia (executive at Acme Player Services, LLC), Pasadena, CA; $1,250
      • Nvart Hadjian (retired), Alexandria, VA; $1,000
      • Naris Khalatian (attorney, self-employed), Glendale, CA; $1,000
      • Richard Mushegian (investor, self-employed), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Mediwaste (bio waste disposal services), Corona, CA; $1,000
      • John Akhoian (plumbing at Rooter Hero), Granada Hills, CA; $1,000
      • Raffi Kojaoghlanian (IT technician at Xtreme Technology), Porter Ranch, CA; $1,000
      • Leland Wong (president of LW International), San Marino, CA; $1,000
      • Sindee Riboli (owner of Sharp Seating), Sierra Madre, CA; $1,000
      • Cheryl Bode (retired), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Michael Bowman (Ag consultant, self-employed), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Norma Kachigan (nurse at Huntington Hospital), Altadena, CA; $750
      • Katrina Ortega (writer, self-employed), Pasadena, CA; $600
      • Peter Sercel (physicist, self-employed), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Joanna Hemmerling (writer, self-employed), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Arpie Zavian (partner at MICIZA), Valley Village, CA; $500
      • Nadine Ono (freelance writer, self-employed), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Nicos Bayrakdarian (biotech consultant at NSBay Consulting LLC), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Bryce Bakewell (project coordinator for Brotherhood Crusade), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Martin Riley (real estate at PREAS), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Asadour Hadjian (retired), Alexandria, VA; $500
      • Jackline Matosian (retired), San Marino, CA; $500
      • Kirk Cartozian (owner of Gaucho Grill restaurant), Downey, CA; $500
      • Murad Minasian (Business consultant, self-employed at AM Management), Montebello, CA; $500
      • Seda Matevosian (librarian at Chamlian School), Glendale, CA; $500
      • Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters (environmental political action advocates), Los Angeles, CA; $500
      • NWPC-GPA PAC (National Women’s Political Caucus of the Greater Pasadena Area), Altadena, CA; $500

      Jason Lyon

      Jason Lyon has received $104,307.55 in contributions, with about 58 percent being under $500. Many donations were from business executives and attorneys. Donations to Lyon of $500 and more are:

      • Lyon contributed $5,125 to himself
      • Tim Hartley (realtor, self-employed), Pasadena, CA; $4,900
      • Greg Adams (Executive at Kaiser Permanente), Altadena, CA; $4,900
      • Pasadena Police Officers Assoc PAC (union of police officers), Sacramento, CA; $4,900
      • Tessa Blake (director of Asset Pictures, Inc), Venice, CA; $4,000
      • Rebecca Rios (property manager at LPC West, Inc), South Pasadena, CA; $3,500
      • Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters Political Action Fund (union of carpenters), Los Angeles, CA; $3,000
      • Annie Brose (student), Pasadena, CA; $2,500
      • Melanie Blunschi (attorney at Latham & Watkins), Piedmont, CA; $2,500
      • International Union of Operating Engineers (union of construction workers), Pasadena, CA; $2,500
      • Wendy Munger (not employed), Pasadena, CA; $2,500
      • Jenny Freeland (occupation unknown), Pasadena, CA; $2,000
      • ACT (progressive political action group), Pasadena, CA; $2,000
      • Elizabeth Staggs-Wilson (lawyer at Littler), Pasadena, CA; $1,250
      • James Arnone (attorney at Latham & Watkins), Los Angeles, CA; $1,250
      • Andy Wilson (nonprofit executive at Alliance for SoCal Innovation), Pasadena, CA; $1,250
      • Pat Crandall (EVP at Pacific Western Bank), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Robert Long (retired), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Robert Wilson (retired), Sierra Madre, CA; $1,000
      • Jim Franke (not employed), Flintridge, CA; $1,000
      • Megan Foker (not employed), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Caroline Howell (not employed), South Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Sally Howell (not employed), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Bradley Whitford (actor at Center Theater Group), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Christine Adams (attorney consultant), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Susan Babcock (not employed), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Susan Kranwinkle (not employed), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Elizabeth Trussell (not employed), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Elise Wetzel (not employed), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Leigh Richart (attorney at NBC Universal), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Beth Gordie (attorney at Latham & Watkins), Marina del Ray, CA; $1,000
      • Christopher McHugh (management at Kaiser Permanente), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Jane Kaczmarek (not employed), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • Suzanne Greenberg (not employed), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • BizFed PAC (organization of businesses that endorses LA County candidates), Sacramento, CA; $1,000
      • Planned Parenthood Advocates Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley PAC (nonprofit organization providing reproductive healthcare services), Sacramento, CA; $1,000
      • Sharon Bonner (CEO of Planned Parenthood Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley), Pasadena, CA; $750
      • Michael Farhang (attorney at Gibson Dunn & Crutcher), Pasadena, CA; $1,000
      • John Tuite (retired), Pasadena, CA; $750
      • Sabrina Peck (not employed), Pasadena, CA; $522
      • Emily Dosset (psychiatrist, self-employed), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Drew Harbur (lawyer at Callahan & Blaine, APLC), Newport Coast, CA; $500
      • Brenda Culbertson (retired), Charlotte, NC; $500
      • Nicholas Taylor (not employed), South Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Rob Floe (financial advisor at Floe Financial Partners), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Scott Jenkins (attorney at Hahn & Hahn), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Marcia Goldstein (executive at Idealab), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • David Coher (principal of Edison International), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Sonia Singla (CAO of Lotus Clinical Research), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Akiko Yoong (Attorney at Latham & Watkins), San Marino, CA; $500
      • Patrick Thyne (psychotherapist, self-employed), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Kathleen McCarthy (not employed), South Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Gwen Whitson (not employed), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Leslie Dawe (healthcare provider at ACES), Altadena, CA; $500
      • Curtis Autenrieth (self employed at S C Tix, Inc.), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Andrew Faye (attorney at Latham & Watkins), Los Angeles, CA; $500
      • Frank Capurro (attorney at Latham & Watkins), Costa Mesa, CA; $500
      • Heidi Bender (not employed), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Terry Paule (not employed), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Alya Haq (not employed), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Laura Fleming (manager of environmental sustainability at Polytechnic School), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Ralph Hurtado (not employed), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Sarah Dusseault (not employed), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Katie Wei (teacher at Westridge School), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Van-Martin Rowe (not employed), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Beth Gertmenian (not employed), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Maria DiMassa (not employed), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • James Aserger (attorney at Quinn), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Donald McGill (writer/social worker for Better Lucky, Inc), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Chung Yu (managing director at Morgan Stanley), Pasadena, CA; $500
      • Michael Honey (CCO at Buck Design, Inc), Glendale, CA; $500

      Allen Shay

      Allen Shay has not reported raising any money to date.

      Sophia Pu is dedicated to highlighting underrepresented stories.


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      1. Alex says:

        This is a great public service by Sophia Pu and Coloradoboulevard.net.

        The public needs to be able to see this information without having to look for it.

        Transparency is key, and it’s clear there’s too much money in Pasadena politics for part-time positions in districts with only around 10,000 voters each.

        Are we creating personal slush funds here for future runs at higher office?

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