ArtCenter Students Gather at Hubs in China and South Korea


asian students holding bags with artcenter logo

At one of the ArtCenter Community Hubs (Photo –

ArtCenter and its alumni created physical gathering/making spaces in Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul.

By Garrett Rowlan

As is the case with most colleges and universities in the United States, ArtCenter had to shut down its campus, teaching all classes online. Concerned about the ability of its international students to continue degree programs and cope with the lack of connection with other students, ArtCenter launched Hubs in Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul in physical spaces made possible by alumni.

Each of the Hubs provide maker spaces with basic amenities accessible at least twice a week. Depending on the location, the amenities may include Wi-Fi, long tables for students to spread out and work, a projector and wall space for notes and posters, 3D printers, photo stages, scanners and a Color, Material and Finish (CMF) Lab.  Some ArtCenter students have moved to apartments near the Hubs to take full advantage of the opportunity to work together.

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Students attend an Orientation event (Photo –

Alumni also have mentored students and created supplemental programming. The scheduled activities include a bi-weekly virtual Hub Seminar for new students, language skills practice, museum visits, workshops, demonstrations, cultural activities and contact with industry professionals in their studios.

COVID protocols are observed as determined by local public health officials, including contact tracing apps. Designed to be flexible, the Hubs can pivot at any time to virtual programming if necessary. ArtCenter expects to continue offering the international Hubs in Spring 2021.

ArtCenter may expand the Hubs to select locations in the United States when permitted by local health officials.

Describing the importance of the Hubs, ArtCenter President Lorne Buchman stated: “We needed to think about how to build some semblance of community to enrich the education of our students. The Hubs were our answer.”

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Students gather for a studio tour at Frog as part of the remote learning programs offered through ArtCenter’s Community Hubs (Photo –

Garrett Rowlan

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