After the Bobcat Fire, the Clean-up Commences


lines of trucks on the side of the road and a kia n the middle

The trucks and the Kia (Photo – Reg Green)

An armada of trucks gathered this morning on Route 2.

By Reg Green

The trucks are getting ready to clean up after the devastating fires in the mountains ahead:

restoring access to electricity towers, checking power lines, shoring up steep rock faces where the vegetation holding the soil together has disappeared and fixing places where in a rainstorm erosion could close the road — among many other possible hazards. As one of the drivers told me, “there’s a helluva lot that needs doing.”

Incidentally, if you think one of those vehicles wouldn’t be of much use in this heavy work, you’d be right. That’s my little orange-colored Kia in there while I was making a nuisance of myself asking ill-informed questions.

Reg Green

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