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      Advertising Policy

      Last Updated: April 28, 2023

      We accept advertising and sponsorship under strict guidelines. We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement we believe is incompatible with our mission or values. We also reserve the right to refuse any advertisement we deem contrary to the best interests of Colorado Boulevard Network LLC, operator of ColoradoBoulevard.net website and print edition.

      Colorado Boulevard Network LLC has sole discretion for determining the types of advertising and promotion that will be accepted and displayed on our online website and print edition.

      More information for Advertisers

      Advertisers must be honest about the products, services, and content their ads promote; they must avoid content that misleads, deceives, or offends; and they must never compromise our users’ privacy. This Advertising Policy apply to all ads served by ColoradoBoulevard.net. The paid promotion of products or services on the ColoradoBoulevard.net platform other than through ads served by ColoradoBoulevard.net must also comply with this Advertising Policy.

      A. 1 – Prohibited Content

      Inappropriate Content

      • Ads that encourage dishonest behavior. (e.g., ads for fake IDs, plagiarism, essay writing services).
      • Ads that address or are intended to appeal specifically to children under the age of 13.
      • Ads that may be considered culturally inappropriate in the targeted location.
      • Ads containing profanity or obscene gestures.
      • Ads that depict nudity (with the exception of breastfeeding in certain circumstances), sexual content, objectification of genders, or sexually suggestive imagery.
      • Ads for adult products and services, including strip clubs, escort services, and specialty shops for adult products.
      • Ads targeted to countries subject to U.S. trade sanctions and other U.S. export control laws.
      • Ads that encourage illegal activity, conduct, products, or enterprises.
      • Ads that depict drug use, or excessive or irresponsible drinking.
      • Ads that promote illegal wildlife trade, and products and services derived from endangered or threatened species.
      • Ads intended to shock the user.
      • Ads that encourage violence or depict hyper-realistic violence.
      • Ads that encourage driving dangerous behaviors.
      • Ads that promote sales of firearms, weapons, ammunition, or related accessories.
      • Ads that solicit the user’s participation in lawsuits.

      Deceptive Content

      • Ads that are false or misleading, including deceptive claims, offers, functionality, or business practices.
      • Ads that contain deceiving calls to action, or lead to landing pages unrelated to the brand or content being advertised.
      • Cloaking, otherwise restricting landing page access, or modifications to URL content following submission in an attempt to circumvent review.

      Low Quality or Disruptive Experiences

      • Ads that lead to non-functional landing pages or landing pages with unexpected or disruptive user experiences, including landing pages that attempt to automatically download files.
      • Ads that lead to landing pages that include a majority of unrelated or low quality ad content, or where content is extended solely to include unrelated or low quality ad content.

      Hateful or Discriminatory Content

      • Ads that demean, degrade, discriminate, or show hate toward a particular race, ethnicity, culture, country, belief, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, disability, condition, or toward any member of a protected class.
      • Ads that promote harassment or bullying.

      ColoradoBoulevard.net may suspend or terminate accounts tied to businesses or individuals who violate our Advertising Policies.

      A.2 – Political Advertising

      Political advertising that appears on ColoradoBoulevard.net has to be transparent, lawful, and right for our users.

      Bottom line

      Political Advertising Policies apply to all political advertisements served by ColoradoBoulevard.net, including election-related ads, advocacy ads, and issue ads.

      • Election-related ads include ads about candidates or parties for public office, ballot measures or referendums, political action committees, and ads that urge people to vote or register to vote.
      • Issue or advocacy ads are ads concerning issues or organizations that are the subject of debate on a local, national, or global level, or of public importance. They include ads about abortion, immigration, the environment, education, discrimination, and guns.

      Political advertising must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including all national election laws, copyright law, defamation law, and (where applicable) Federal Election Commission regulations and state or local laws and regulations. Complying with those laws and regulations will be the sole responsibility of the advertiser.

      All political advertising must include a “paid for by” message in the ad that is followed by the name of the paying person or entity. ColoradoBoulevard.net may also require a “paid for by” disclosure on ad content that links to political content, ad content for political merchandise, or in other cases in ColoradoBoulevard.net’s sole discretion. Electoral ads must state whether or not the ad was authorized by a candidate or organization, and election ads not authorized by the candidate must include contact information for the sponsoring organization.

      Political advertising must comply with ColoradoBoulevard.net‘s Terms of Service and Advertising Policy. That means, among other things:

      • No content that harasses, intimidates, or threatens.
      • No content that is misleading, deceptive, impersonates any person or entity, or otherwise misrepresents your affiliation with a person or entity.
      • No content that violates the publicity, privacy, copyright, or other intellectual property rights of a third party.
      • No content that features graphic violence.

      We encourage political advertisers to be positive. But we don’t categorically ban “attack” ads; expressing disagreement with or campaigning against a candidate or party is generally permissible if it meets our other guidelines. That said, political ads must not include attacks relating to a candidate’s personal life.

      ColoradoBoulevard.net‘s rights

      ColoradoBoulevard.net will review political ads on a case-by-case basis.

      We reserve the right to reject in our sole discretion, or request modifications to, ads that we believe violate the standards listed above or that are otherwise inappropriate. Our discretion will never be exercised with the intent to favor or disfavor any candidate, political view, or political party.

      We also reserve the right to require substantiation of an advertiser’s factual claims.

      ColoradoBoulevard.net may publicly display and otherwise disclose information relating to political advertising, including ad content, targeting details, delivery, spend, and other campaign information.

      Political Advertising by Non-Resident Foreign Nationals or Entities

      Political advertisements served by ColoradoBoulevard.net may not be paid for directly or indirectly by non-resident foreign nationals or entities — in other words, by people or entities that aren’t residents of the country where the ad will run.

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