[UPDATED] Act as If You’re Asymptomatic When Leaving the House

A sign showing proper distance

Signage informing customers to keep a proper safe distance (Photo – Senior Airman Alexandria Lee)

So much of the news right now is about things outside our control, so we’ve put together a short list of things you can be doing when away from home to help keep yourself and others free from infection.

By News Desk

‘Shelter in place’ does not mean you can’t go out to get food or medicine. If you have to go to the store or do a necessary errand, common sense dictates that you act as if you’re asymptomatic – that is, a person who has no symptoms but can still infect others.

Drawing from common sense, and a variety of sources, we found these most commonly mentioned:

1- Use your elbows, feet and knuckles as often as possible.

  • Perfect example is one of my colleagues uses her knuckles to enter a PIN number at the grocery store.

2- When you must use your hands, wash, wash and wash.

  • My bank has an automatic hand sanitizer where you don’t have to touch anything. Immediately wash your hands when you come home.

3- Designate a coat for going outside.

  • Put the coat on when going out, and take it off before getting back into your residence.

4- Use Automatic Open when available.

  • Most grocery stores, have doors that automatically open, or use your elbow to hit the handicapped button on the side.

5- Bring your own bag.

  • Leave the bags outside of your door when you come home and empty them by carrying items inside.

6- Place your phone in your pocket.

  • Our cell phones are a hub for bacteria. Place it in your pocket and do not place it on surfaces of areas you visit.

7- Don’t touch an item at the store unless you’re buying it

  • This goes without saying. If you act like you’re asymptomatic, you don’t want to transmit it to others.

8- Greet people from afar.

  • Keep a 6-foot distance between you and them.

9- And finally, don’t handle cash.

  • Limit the amount of cash you receive from the grocery store.

10- Wear gloves.

  • Always wear gloves when you go out for necessary errands.

Be safe and save lives.


[This article has been updated to include wearing gloves when going out March 31, 5:01 pm.]

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