From the previous article of the ‘Acoustic Corner’ comes the definition of ‘frission,’ a sizzling, sparkling energy or synergy borne of mutual intent, talent, and vision. ‘Frission’ is also described as the indefinable effect which sound waves have on the brain.

      The sound waves created by the piano come to mind. A piano can be described as a keyboard instrument, a percussion instrument, and a string instrument. The keys are attached to devices which hit the strings, which are aligned along the harp which hovers inside the body of the piano. It is quite an amazing mechanical sequence. However, it takes a skilled and inspired artist to create the synergy.

      ~ Jean Sudbury

      Robert Thies

      Robert Thies

      Robert Thies is a Steinway Artist.* He is thankful to spend his life developing and sharing what he greatly loves, classical music. Robert shares music naturally in an eclectic mixture of styles. Since he was a child, he has found that preparation for recitals is the best way to really learn a piece. The luxury of performing a piece on numerous occasions leads to further knowledge and insight of that particular work.

      By Jean Sudbury

      Robert has felt the synergy, the energy, and power of performing concertos with major symphony orchestras. He has shared the intimacy of chamber music, where every individual needs to see each other ‘’eye to eye’’ to create a glorious musical experience for performers and listeners. His artistic dreams are fulfilled every day as a professional musician. He plays with orchestras, chamber groups and performs solo recitals. If he is not performing or recording, he is preparing for the next occasion. It would seem that those activities intertwine most frequently. Robert Thies has had the honor of recording on movie sound tracks for James Newton Howard and James Horner. The creativity of pictorial music brings a different sense of joy to his heart.

      Robert’s current recording project is with Damjam Krajacic, a Croation flute player. This is a sequel to their first duo recording in 2012, ‘’Blue Landscapes.’’ This project was a labor of love, a week- long improvisational session. When they decided to release the CD, they were overjoyed with the international response to the music. They now have fans from the Middle East, Europe, South America, and East Asia. Damjan Krajacic is a very skilled and inventive jazz musician. His improvisation contains such a creative structure; one would imagine it to be all written out.

      Robert Edward Thies (Photo - robertthies.org).

      Robert Edward Thies (Photo – robertthies.org).

      Robert feels that music is comparative to the natural beauty of the world. The sounds of birds, a meadow stream, the soft whisper of a breeze; all are types of music. The joy of music is shared through going on hikes together and relishing the ambience, or by attending his solo recitals. The works he chooses for solo recitals are very close to his heart. Whenever he performs, his imagination is stimulated through living the world of the composers and the cultures of the times when the music was written. That helps him to create a visual reflection of the music. Robert shares the joy of music through this imagery.

      *Steinway is a highly respected company which makes some of the finest pianos in the world.

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