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      Here are some of the things to know about us, what we believe in, and practice:

      thumbnailLogoWhiteWe live here:

      • We don’t outsource our stories to overseas writers. We live here and we love showcasing the cool things our communities have to offer. We respect our readers, therefore we are picky with what we publish and promote.

      thumbnailLogoWhiteWhat we believe in:

      • From walkability to safe biking. From sustainability to organic living on a budget. From innovative ways to clean our air to finding ways to contain global crisis. From gentler neighborhoods to paying it forward. From finding deals to finding more deals. From less waste to more ways to reuse and recycle. And from happy neighborhoods to happier people. That’s what we practice and believe in.

      thumbnailLogoWhiteNo visual pollution:

      • Ever noticed local websites, blogs and print masquerading as “journalism,” while polluting the mind with dizzying, endless, and useless pages of crappy press releases? We’re the antidote to them.
        We highlight news that affects your quality of life bottled up in a compact, colorful, and easy-to-read format. We weed through endless news items in order to give you the essence, and without cluttering the mind. We present a clear space for you to know what’s happening in our communities.


      • While others are busy reinventing the wheel, we use it.
        This is your place for free, low cost quality, and enlightening events in the area, at your Your fingertips. You can also submit your own event(s) directly to our newspaper by clicking here. (Not all events make it to our pages. Please make sure to read the instructions first).

      thumbnailLogoWhiteHappy Neighborhood = Happy People

      • We celebrate and highlight exciting positive movements that are sweeping our communities and we highlight them with enthusiasm and pride.

      thumbnailLogoWhiteNews from all over the SGV Valley:

      • ColoradoBoulevard.net strives to be on the forefront of entertainment, tech and science, environmental, and local news. While others outsource their stories (or steal from local regional media), we live here and dig deep covering our schools, our communities, and our lives.(You got a tip or a story? email us: Editorial [at] ColoradoBlvd.net).

      We strive to inform, educate, and work together to make a better world for all of us, locally and globally. Go ahead, enjoy the cool things our communities have to offer, subscribe to our newspaper to be delivered to your residence, and most importantly have fun!


      Editorial Staff

      How to reach us:

      We do not display our staff email addresses for security purposes. If you would like to reach one of us, please click the email icon in the footer, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

      Wafic Khalil
      Editor in Chief

      Wafic assigns, edits, and writes features stories, concepts and edits articles. He leads content development and design for our newspaper, e-newsletters, website, and live events, as well as the overall direction of the paper. An accomplished artist in film and music, he has a Bachelor’s in film and video from MassArt and a Master’s in Fine Arts from CalArts.

      Vahe Simonyan
      Operations – Photographer

      Vahe ensures operation is flowing as it should. He also manages special sections and supplements. A seasoned photographer-turned-editor, he currently shares other duties in film and social media. He attended CSUN where he holds a Bachelor’s in Multimedia.

      Kate Bartlett
      Copy Editor – Writer

      Kate Bartlett has a BA (Political Science) and a JD, University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She practiced business and securities law until she graduated to the rest of her life: dabbling in and consuming various art forms. Kate lives in Pasadena where she enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and long walks in the morning.

      Sean McMorris
      Political Writer

      Sean McMorris is the San Gabriel Valley senior news writer. He has a BA in Political Science from Columbia University and an MA in International Affairs from George Washington University. Sean enjoys lawn bowling in his spare time.

      Ann Harris Hunnewell
      Copy Editor

      Ann Harris Hunnewell is a proud grandmother who lives in Monrovia. She grew up as the miller's daughter and worked as a grain tester, a teacher and an editor. She currently edits, proofreads, or folds for non-profit newsletters and ColoradoBoulevard. She has two M.A.’s (English, Math/Psych) from the University of Michigan.

      Margaret Prietto
      Copy Editor - Writer

      South Pasadenan Margaret Prietto is a retired LAUSD teacher and middle school administrator with multiple degrees. Her interests include reading, long walks, Inka culture, hiking in the Andes (Peru is her father’s birthplace), and writing stories of and with her large family.

      Melanie Hooks
      Theatre – History

      Melanie found her footing early on with stories. She was lured to Wales for a year of college, and after graduation, the call of the West brought her to SoCal. These days, she writes television scripts, and takes every chance she can to soak in and celebrate the diverse artistry of greater Pasadena area.

      Carol Edger Germain

      Carol Edger Germain is a theatre lover and a resident of Pasadena for more than 30 years. She loves to spread the word about theater and being an audience matchmaker. Carol enjoys the blues and her favorite holiday is Halloween.

      Garrett Rowlan
      Community News

      Garrett Rowlan has been writing all of his life. A big supporter of social justice issues and a retired sub teacher for LAUSD, he has published some sixty or so short stories and essays. He published two novels and a third one is coming out soon.

      Cheryl Cabot
      Community News

      Cheryl Cabot lives in the city of San Gabriel. She covers community news and events throughout the Greater Pasadena area. She’s a retired school teacher, a free-lance writer, a political activist in the San Gabriel Valley, a grandmother, and an avid reader.

      Kathabela Wilson

      Kathabela Wilson is a local poet/writer/artist and musician. Her Poets Salon has become an international respected must read in the poetry world. She's the creator and host of the Pasadena-based group, “Poets on Site.”

      Toti O'Brien
      Visual/Musical Arts
      Toti O'Brien is the Italian Accordionist with the Irish Last Name. She was born in Rome then moved to Los Angeles, where she makes a living as a self-employed artist, performing musician and professional dancer. Her work has most recently appeared in Independent Noise, Soundings East, Random Sample, and The Capra Review.
      Glenn Storm
      Animator - Designer

      Glenn Storm is a local entertainment professional. He has been an animator for feature film, a designer of computer games and an artist in various media. He holds a master's degree in film from CalArts. He can be seen strolling Caltech during alumni week seminar day and loves to talk about story and character.

      Mark Tapio Kines
      Mark is an independent filmmaker who has written and directed two features, along with several shorts. His debut feature was actually the very first film to be crowd-funded over the Internet, back in 1998. Mark has been writing movie reviews since 2000.
      Ethan Elkind

      Ethan Elkind directs the climate program at UC Berkeley Law, with a joint appointment at UCLA Law. His areas of focus include land use, transportation, electric vehicles, energy storage, and renewable energy. Ethan's book “Railtown” is published by the University of California Press.

      Scott Phelps

      Scott Phelps teaches physics and astronomy at the University of La Verne and Mt. San Antonio College and tutors math and science in the region. He served as an elected member of the Pasadena Unified School District Board of Trustees from 2005 to 2022. Scott lives in Northwest Pasadena with his wife Lisa and their three cats. Both of his children have attended PUSD high schools.

      Jean Sudbury

      Jean Sudbury is a musician, poet, writer, yogini, gardener, and nature lover. In addition to music, she enjoys covering stories about life in Sierra Madre. She practices her violin, viola, mandolin, mandola, melodica, and accordion every chance she gets.

      Marc Ratner
      Marc Ratner is an animation artist and animation professor. He journals for his survival and sanity, occasionally including illustrations in his journaling. Marc holds a BA in linguistics from UC Santa Cruz and did his graduate studies in Film/Video at CalArts. He has several independent animation projects in development.
      Felita Kealing
      Contributing Writer

      Felita, an Altadena resident, works in Marketing and Public Relations for Marshall Fundamental Secondary School in Pasadena. She received her Bachelors of Arts in Communications from Cal State Los Angeles. Felita just published her first children’s book, Peacrocodilly.

      Jonathan Ong
      Events Coordinator

      Jonathan Ong manages special sections and supplements. He’s a resident of Pasadena, a PUSD graduate and an incoming USC student. Jonathan is passionate about swimming, social justice and preserving the environment.

      Brian Biery
      Contributor - History

      Brian Biery is an Adjunct Professor at Pacific Oaks College where he teaches courses on Advocacy/Social Justice and Human Development. In addition, he is a Partner of the DBK Group and serves as an Associate with The Aspire Group. Brian has had his photographs published in numerous newspapers and magazines across the country.

      Janine G
      Business Administrator

      Janine is passionate about environmental issues and transparency within local and federal governments. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Cal State Los Angeles. She's also a graphic designer, tech savvy, a hockey mom, and loves to dabble in social media.

      Blu Van Zandt
      Administrative Support/Writer

      Blu Van Zandt is an entertainment professional who works as a screenwriter, script supervisor, and script coordinator. She is also a musician, non-GMO food advocate, and social justice warrior.

      Jesus Carrillo

      Jesus Carrillo is a Systems Architect with 15 years of experience in several IT fields providing guidance and implementation plans for start-up companies. His interests include nature preservation, social justice, and Science and Technology.

      Emmanuel Kraultez

      Emmanuel Graduated from CSUN with a degree in public health education, and currently pursuing a degree in Photography. He enjoys hiking during his free time, and photographing nature. He also enjoys participating in local events, be it volunteering or attending as a spectator.

      Jessica Woo

      Jessica grew up in the San Gabriel “626” area and loves boba and hipster coffee shops. She graduated from UCLA with an economics major and an entrepreneurship minor. She currently works as a marketing and management consultant.

      Julia McWilliams
      Food Review

      The identity of our food critic will remain hidden as long as the person is affiliated with ColoradoBoulevard.net. We can only reveal a few details about the person. Her taste is impeccable, she has been around food — quality food — all her life, and she wishes to remain anonymous. Our food aficionado doesn’t announce her status prior to ordering, as this will taint our critic’s unbiased judgment, undermine our reputation, and spell a nightmare for servers draining their time and energy. Our reviews are based solely on the whole experience regardless of the identity of the person being served or the publication they represent. A restaurant staff mustn’t be expected to jump through hoops in exchange for a good review. It’s unethical and isn’t tolerated by our critic or us. The day our critic’s identity is accidentally or intentionally revealed will be the sad day we part ways. In the meantime, her pen name is Julia McWilliams, a nod to her favorite aunt and a famous idol chef.

      Chris Wood
      In Memoriam - Copy Editor, Writer

      Chris Wood was an adjunct instructor of English. He held master’s degrees from California Institute of the Arts, Marshall University, and Florida State University. He enjoyed reading and writing poetry in addition to writing articles pertaining to the movie industry and its aspects. Chris passed away in July 2020. He will be missed.

      Robin Southworth
      In Memoriam - Proofreader, Contributor

      Robin Southworth was a blogger, tweeter, and Pinterest-pinner. She was also an experienced knitter who never met a knitting pattern she couldn't futz with for the better. She held an MFA from CalArts and a BA from Sacramento State University. Robin passed away in May 2023. She will be missed.

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