• a facade of a semi constructed building is lit in an eeir and mysterious way

      Victory of the Surreal (Photo – Alexander Oleynikov)

      After the success gathered by their first and second event, artists Peter Shpayer and Dim Borisov are ready with a third edition of “Victory of Surreal,” the impressive full-immersion-art-and-performance experience they are capable of summoning out of the blue in the most uncanny urban settings.

      By Toti O’Brien

      This particular show is titled “Night and Day,” as it will take place at dark—on the night of October 12th—and in daytime—on the afternoon of the 13th. Once again it will materialize itself in a halfway constructed two-floor building, haunting its empty chambers and also visible from the outside, thanks to “see through” walls. Such an eerie effect of dollhouse will be even more striking as it will juxtapose the serious composure of a Beverly Hills residential neighborhood. Nothing is impossible in the surreal domain.

      More than twenty artists, musicians, performers—plus a sprinkle of tarot readers and magicians to match the seasonal mood—will collaborate to make this event unforgettable. Some are returning talents whom Shpayer and Borisov have already exhibited. Yet each time the curators/organizers aim for further variety and inclusiveness, therefore be ready for surprises!

      Twenty per cent of the proceeds from the show (there is a suggested donation through Eventbrite; a donation bar and tacos will be open both Saturday and Sunday) will go to a foundation for architectural reconstruction named “Saint Matrona of Moscow”.

      People gathering next to a lit house installation

      (Photo – Alexander Oleynikov)

      Shpayer and Borisov met years ago at a Russian Culture festival in West Hollywood. Shpayer had just organized a group show in which Borisov participated. Since, they have collaborated on several shows, festivals, and other events—all characterized by a intent of collective creation, multiple visions and immersive interactivity. Festivals such as Burning Man inspired them, says Borisov, “to create an atmosphere that reaches beyond the confines of a traditional gallery”. In fact, “Victory of the Surreal” is fond of non-conventional spaces that become integral part of the art, rather than mere containers. The display and the displayed totally incorporate each other, and such blur of borders is perhaps what truly transports the visitor in a different world.

      Although, as the name of the series implies, the organizers honor the Surrealist legacy of artists, like Dali or Picasso, who “discovered new frontiers and took risks in the name of art,” they don’t hold onto a particular esthetic while assembling the “Victory” events. On the contrary, they believe that unique and fascinating results occur when combining all sorts of personalities, young and mature artists working in a variety of mediums and styles, all endowed with the open-mindedness needed in order to enjoy such an unusual context. Calls to artists are made through different social media. Word of mouth and personal encounters also add to the pool of talents involved in these shows.

      Artists are free to create their own exhibit within a section of their choice of the impromptu-gallery. They are invited to occupy and interpret the space however they like. Such trust on behalf of curators is quite rare and yet “Victory of the Surreal” has been so far an incredibly cohesive experience, working as a perfect ensemble. Indeed, the organizers firmly believe that giving the artists ample say in how they collaborate with the space is key to the resulting cohesion. “There is a creative energy that picks up and flow. Everyone seems to understand that the vision is collective, that we are all equal in creating the experience”. “Freedom of expression among artists and the amazing connections these shows bring forth,” says Borisov, are the most thrilling aspect of the entire endeavor.

      Peter Shpayer and Dim Borisov are full-fledged artists who also organize shows. Show time (before, during, after) of course shifts their focus from their personal artwork to the collective output. But, says Borisov, “creating a group show really feels like a true masterpiece of its own”. “Victory of the Surreal” undeniably proves it, each time.


      Victory of the Surreal P(art)3 flyer

      10/12, 10/13/2019
      4:00 pm, 6:00 pm
      908 N Beverly Glen Blvd
      Los Angeles, CA 90077
      On Sale Oct 12 at 12:00 pm

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