• Robin Southworth and Sean Melby in a scene from "Angels in America" by The Alternative Arts Collective - Sacramento, CA. (Photo - Tim Galindo).A theater company posed a question to its faithful patrons on why they go to the theater.

      Q: Given the fact that it costs time and money to see a play, add that it might mean the hassle of Metro inaccessibility or sitting in traffic jams, why do we brave all of that to see a play when we could instead be seeing a local movie, chatting with friends, or just relaxing at home? Tell us what motivates you to go?

      Here are some of their amazing answers:


      At its best, live theatre is magic. I seek out these wonderful magicians who transport me into their fantasy world. It makes me a “fly on the wall” and maybe a bit of a voyeur…



      …I attend because I…love to get new ideas, see what other people do, how they produce this art that I love.

      …I’m the horrible one looking at the lights during a big moment on stage, or watching how the crew resets a scene during a scene change, or watching the actor on stage left when the main actor is stage right…



      …I believe that theater is an escape from everyday activities and I like “to be taken away from it all.”


      Bill and Louisa:

      …There is nothing more thrilling than seeing the fruits of the collaboration between author, producer, director, actors and the production team (set, costume, light and sound) — and live audience.

      When it really works it is absolutely magical; even when only parts of it work it is [still] exciting.



      …I go to plays to be transported to another place or time, or dimension. I go to feel, to be moved, sometimes to laugh…



      …There is nothing like watching actors, right there in front of you, turn into other characters and transporting you into their world for a while.



      …In filmography the “bloopers” can be edited, and the movie goer (or TV viewer) has no idea how many retakes had to be done…

      …In live theatre there is little room for bloopers. And if there is a blooper or two, it keeps things for real – reminding us that humans do indeed err.



      …It is a unique art form that…plays out live in front of you in all its raw energy. And, when you see it – it’s an once-in-a-lifetime event. That production won’t ever be performed in that exact way again…It’s not a performance that is frozen on celluloid…



      …There is an intimacy in most of the theater which allows you to experience the acting in a way that makes movies seem flat and distant…


      Robin Southworth in a scene from the play Deathtrap - Nov. 2010 (Facebook)To sum it up, magic, love, escape, thrilling, feel, transporting, real, live and intimacy are all powerful words describing one experience: Live Theatre!

      Pretty Amazing.

      ! Tell us your thoughts on why you go to the theater. When was the last time? What did you see and why? And, are you planning on seeing a play soon, and when?


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