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      ColoradoBoulevard.net 2020 proposition and local ballot measure recommendations.

      By News Desk

      L.A. County

      decorativeMeasure J: Yes

      “Measure J would permanently allocate 10% of county unrestricted funds—off the top—to community investments and alternatives to incarceration such as youth programs, mental health services, job creation, and affordable housing.”
      ~ Ryan Bell, Pasadena city commissioner and community activist

      decorativeProp 14: No

      $5.5 billion general obligation bonds for the California’s stem cell research institute while making changes to the institute’s governance structure and programs.

      decorativeProp 15: Yes

      “The Schools & Communities First initiative will raise $12 billion every year for California’s schools, essential workers, and local governments. This will come by ensuring that all corporate properties worth more than $3 million pay their fair share of property taxes – while protecting homeowners and renters, small businesses, and agriculture. This money is needed now more than ever and is critical to California’s recovery and reinvestment.”
      ~ League of Women Voters

      decorativeProp 16: Yes

      “If passed, Prop 16 will permit governments to consider those protected categories in order to promote inclusive hiring and admissions programs in California’s public universities, government, and public agencies. It is time that California follows the other 42 states that have taken gender, race, ethnicity, and national origin into account for college admissions and hiring in government and public agencies.”
      ~ Peter Dreier, Occidental College

      decorativeProp 17: Yes

      Prop 17 will restore parolees right to vote.

      decorativeProp 18: Yes

      Prop 18 will allow 17-year-olds to vote in primary and special elections if they will be 18 and eligible by the next general election.

      decorativeProp 19: No

      “This is a giveaway to Realtors, who are twisting public policy to boost their commissions. Plus, adult children should have the right to do whatever they want with the property they inherited — without facing a crushing tax burden.”
      ~ Calmatters.org

      decorativeProp 20: No

      Prop 20 makes changes to policies related to criminal sentencing charges, prison release, and DNA collection:

      “The initiative is the latest scare tactic on criminal justice reform.”
      ~ Former Gov. Jerry Brown

      “If you like the government to collect your DNA for misdemeanors, then this is for you.”
      ~ Denise Robb, Los Angeles Pierce College

      decorativeProp 21: Yes

      Prop 21 will allow cities to enact rent control.

      decorativeProp 22: No

      Uber, Lyft, Instacart and Doordash sponsored Prop 22. It creates a special exemption for them from California law that requires app-based companies to provide basic protections to their workers.

      decorativeProp 23: Yes

      “A ‘yes’ vote supports this ballot initiative to require chronic dialysis clinics to: have an on-site physician while patients are being treated; report data on dialysis-related infections; obtain consent from the state health department before closing a clinic; and not discriminate against patients based on the source of payment for care.”
      ~ Ballotpedia.org

      decorativeProp 24: No Recommendations
      Prop 24 changes California’s data privacy law. No consensus. Read more here.


      decorativeProp 25: No

      A video explaining Prop 25:


      decorativeMeasure P: Yes

      Prop P allows for Pasadena voters to decide whether to maintain the longstanding utility transfer to the general fund. The elimination of these funds would result in the annual loss of approximately $18 million that support emergency 911 response, fire, paramedic, public health programs for the community, senior services, homelessness and housing programs, street repairs, and other general services and programs.

      decorativeMeasure O: Yes

      Measure O is a short term $60 million educational technology bond coupled with a long-term $456 million facilities bond.


      decorativeMeasure Z: Yes

      The Altadena libraries belong to our community, and as public assets, they need our help.

      South Pasadena

      decorativeMeasure U: Yes

      Measure U will renew the Utility Users Tax (UUT) at the same rate of 7.5% with no tax increase. Voters can remove tax at any time.


      decorativeMeasure V: Yes

      “Measure V betters democracy and representation in Alhambra by limiting the influence of money in City politics and government and improving the way residents elect their City Councilmembers. It also improves government transparency and accountability and will better ensure that Alhambra is in compliance with the California Voting Rights Act.”
      ~ ColoradoBoulevard.net

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