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      You can never have enough garlic. With enough garlic, you can eat The New York Times.
      ~ Morley Safer

      Here are 20 useful uses for garlic, enjoy.

      1- Acne

      Slice open a clove of raw, fresh garlic and apply it to breakouts as a home remedy for acne.

      • Even-though the skin won’t smell good, but the antibacterial properties of garlic will help lessen the appearance of acne, even those deep acne cysts that can otherwise be difficult to treat.

      2- All Natural Pesticide Spray

      Ward off whiteflies, aphids, cabbage loopers, squash bugs, andmore with an all-natural garlic pesticide spray.

      • Mince three garlic cloves and let them sit in two tablespoons of mineral oil for 24 hours. Then strain out the garlic and add the oil, along with a teaspoon of liquid dish soap, to a pint of water in a spray bottle. Spray on infested plants.

      3- Cold sore treatment

      Raw garlic may work as well as commercial medical treatments for unsightly lesions.

      • Cut a garlic clove in half and place it directly on the cold sore for 10 minutes, several times a day. The acidity may cause discomfort at first.

      4- Mosquito repellent

      Garlic can ward off pesky mosquitoes without the use of DEET and other potentially toxic chemicals.

      • Let a few minced cloves of garlic infuse an ounce of mineral oil for 24 hours, strain, and mix the garlic-scented oil with 2 cups of water and 1 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Strain again if necessary and pour into a spray bottle.

      5- Glass repair

      Garlic juice is a natural adhesive. It may not be good for major jobs, but it’s most useful in filling in hairline cracks in glass and holding them together.

      • Crush a clove of garlic and rub its sticky, viscous juice into the cracks and wipe away the excess.

      6- Weight Loss

      Even though its potent flavor may make you want to eat a lot of it, garlic actually has weight loss properties.

      • Compounds found in garlic send your brain signals of satiety, which will actually help you to feel full faster. It also boosts metabolic function helping you to burn more calories as well.

      7- Athlete’s foot

      Garlic is a potent natural anti-fungal, making it ideal for treating fungal infections like irritating and itchy athlete’s foot.

      • Add a few cloves of crushed garlic to warm water in a foot bath and soak the affected foot for 30 minutes.

      8- Ear infections

      Garlic can kill the bacteria that causes ear infections. You can use fresh cloves, or purchase garlic oil at natural health food stores

      • Crush a clove of garlic with a press and place it in a teaspoon of hot olive oil for five minutes. Strain, allow it to cool and drip a few drops at a time into your ear canal.

      9- Splinter removal

      Splinters are hard to remove sometimes.

      • Place a thin slice over the splinter and hold on with a bandage. The garlic should help the splinter work its way out of the skin within hours.

      10- Skin cleanser

      Some people swear by using garlic as a facial cleanser to dry out acne and tighten and exfoliate the skin. Make sure you don’t have any open wounds, as it will burn.

      • Make a paste of finely minced garlic, olive oil, facial cleanser and sugar; massage into skin in circular motions, then rinse.

      11- Gas prevention

      As garlic is high in sulfur, it can be the culprit for uncomfortable stomach-distending gas for some people, but for others, it can reportedly ease it.

      • The trick may be consuming it on a regular basis in order to maintain intestinal health. Garlic kills harmful intestinal bacteria and promotes the growth of beneficial flora, making digestion much smoother.

      12- Yeast infections

      Raw, peeled garlic cloves (not cut), typically tied in a strip of cheesecloth and inserted with a tampon applicator works as an unusual natural remedy.

      • Garlic’s anti-fungal properties go to work on the yeast, supposedly keeping the infection at bay.

      13- Fish bait

      Garlic’s strong smell may repel insects, but it has the opposite effect on fish.

      • Garlic cloves are recommended by some fisherman as bait that can attract catfish, carp, trout, bass and other species. Marshmallows or dough balls made from a mixture of crackers and cat food are coated with crushed or powdered garlic and placed on a hook to lure the fish with its scent.

      14- Psoriasis relief

      The persistent tightness and itching of psoriasis could be eased and sometimes prevented by garlic’s anti-inflammatory properties.

      • Active compounds in garlic interact with arachidonic acid, an omega fatty acid in the skin linked to psoriasis. Garlic oil may be rubbed directly on affected areas once or twice per day.

      15- Cough syrup

      Ease inflammation in the throat and clear up excess mucus by using garlic as cough syrup.

      • Try steeping raw, minced garlic in hot water, straining it after five minutes and drinking the liquid as tea; you can add ginger and honey to make it more palatable.

      16- Mole removal

      Mole removal should be left to medical professionals, as skin doctors can tell upon excision whether the mole shows signs of malignancy.

      • However, many people choose to go it alone, and garlic oil – applied several times per day and covered with a bandage – is an oft-repeated DIY route.

      17- Fights cold

      Garlic has been used to fight cold for centuries. Allicin, the main biologically active component of garlic, is believed to block enzymes that may impede bacterial and viral infections.

      • Eat three to four raw cloves of garlic per day. Add them to soup, sandwiches, pasta sauces or salad dressings.

      18- Hair loss

      Garlic may be the last resort to more drastic measures.

      Some believe by massaging the scalp with garlic oil, it stimulates hair growth.

      19- Parasite killer

      Many alternative health practitioners advise using raw garlic to expel intestinal parasites.

      • Recommended as part of a cleansing diet that also includes raw honey, lemon juice, pumpkin seeds, carrots and beets, garlic consumed in quantities of about three cloves per day may help clear nasty organisms out of the digestive tract.

      20- Aphrodisiac

      Garlic has been used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times.

      • Modern medical has an explanation: it aids circulation, pumping blood to your extremities. This effect might even increase men’s endurance in the bedroom.

      Just brush your teeth and eat fresh parsley, or mint, to freshen your breath before hand.


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      1. Alex Nodopaka says:

        Two most important use for garlic have been omitted!!!

        The first and maybe oldest is to keep Dracula away and the second is to drown 4 garlic cloves in Vodka, steep for 24 hours and use it as a blood thinner. It does marvels for the heart. It also keeps pesky people at breath’s distance… lol

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